" We’re a production company with a difference. Our purpose is a simple one, to work with you to create outstanding live events and experiences to inspire our audience "

It's Who we are

Music is in our DNA. It’s where it all started for us, all those years ago, with the technical production of gigs, tours and festivals. We may have branched out into doing other things but, for us, there’s nothing better than being able to deliver a live music event for a crowd to indulge in audible sweetness.

Become awesome

It’s what we do that makes an event a show. It’s the show that sends a tingle down the spine. It’s the show that produces goose-bumps on the skin. It’s what we do at ON that turns a music event into a music experience. Creating awesome is what we do.

Putting on a show

It’s not just about the music. It’s about the show. We don’t just lay the cables. We’re about creating a music experience, an experience where the excitement and energy is intoxicating and the audience is always left craving for more. First up, we seek to understand; we understand how you want to express yourself. Next, we work with you to make sure the event has everything you need to make this happen. We create, design and build the stage, and the same for lighting and sound. We bring it all together and choreograph it, on the day, through live production management.


Anirudh Celebrating His music and joy

This spectacular event at THE SSE ARENA, WEMBLEY Anirudh Ravichander became an international celebrity overnight with the song ‘Why This Kolaveri‘.


Candid Moments

This Tamil song broke language barriers to become a sensation across the world, with flash mobs dancing to a Tamil song from the Times Square in New York to outside the Big Ben in London. ‘Why This Kolaveri’ has earned145 million hits on YouTube as well as a multitude of covers in every major language. 

Anirudh continued this winning streak with 16 films in 6 years working with all the reigning stars of Tamil. Each and every release rules music charts and captures the hearts of all music lovers across all age groups. Anirudh has become the most sought after Music Director and is now fondly referred to as THE ROCKSTAR.

‘Anirudh Live’ is packed with high energy performances and has already mesmerized audiences across the World. This musical and visual extravaganza will arrive here in London on Saturday June 16th 2018 where Anirudh will be joined by very special guests including Jonita Gandhi, Yogi B,Alisha Thomas, Maalavika Manoj. This is your chance to sing along, dance along and lose yourself in the immersive experience of ANIRUDH LIVE complete with spectacular dancers, state of the art stage, sound, pyros, lighting and never seen before special effects.